Trading & Distribution

Sina Group has shifted its focus partially on provision, supply, purchase and export of industrial and commercial and agriculture products.

Sina Group, enjoying a well experienced team in engineering, logistics, contracts, finances and transportation, has managed to gain a good position among other companies with similar activities.

During 10 years in provision of a variety of Trade Services such as Product Release, Customs Affairs, Transportation, Trade Consultancy to both governmental and private Trade Companies regarding neighboring countries, Sina Group has managed to supply a great amount of various products and deliver them to its customers.

Full knowledge of latest Customs and Trade Laws & Regulations, Honesty, Confidentiality of Customer’s Secrets, Accuracy in Calculations, Acceleration of Customer Affairs are among the key reasons for Sina Group’s success and its customer satisfaction.

Sina Group Field of Activities in this Section:

  1. Supply and finding of raw materials and prerequisites of factories & production units
  2. Supply of rare products with specific applications from global markets
  3. Acquisition of Representatives and if possible Exclusive Representatives from reliable production companies throughout the world
  4. Business development of your company with whatever your current position is under international standards guided by experienced team members
  5. Introducing the latest production technologies and machineries in the world
  6. Export and finding purchasing companies for your products at the highest price
  7. Transportation of your goods in minor volumes or in containers with sizes of 20, 40 and 60 feet from Asian & European ports; plus shipment of your goods to any ports in the world with competitive prices
  8. Benefiting from our Asian & European offices, if needed, you may easily visit your desired factories under best circumstances and prepare and implement your trade contracts under supervision of our experienced team members
  9. Release of your goods from any regional ports in the shortest time, as well as delivery to your warehouse
  10.  All kinds of trade, import and export services
  11.  Unloading, loading and storage at customs as well transporting the goods
  12.  Trade consultancy in terms of preparation and arrangement of product trade documents
  13.  Customs consultancy in terms of product release and solving any issues between the product owner and the customs officials


Consultancy & Services

In line with its mission, Sina Group, provides its customers with variety of services related to trade services and consultancies, export & import and product release from different customs in the country. Some of Sina Group’s field of consultancy and services are presented below:

  • Release of products in the shortest time and with the lowest prices from all regional customs
  • Temporary & final release of imported goods by local contractors
  • Immediate product release by means of non-stop transportation
  • Unloading, loading, custom storage services as well as transportation and distribution of goods
  • Marine shipments of consignments throughout international seas
  • National and international transit & transportation through company’s trucks
  • Acquisition of insurance for transit or local consignments
  • Fast delivery of products through all entries and customs in the country the desired warehouse
  • Trade consultancies in terms of preparation and arrangement of product trade documents