Sports & Leisure

Spending leisure time in today’s era comes in all kinds of varieties, due to the vast developments in all cultural, social and economical fields. All the people of the society, based on their desires and hobbies, tend to spend their leisure time in their very own way to best meet their needs for this matter.

One of the most popular leisure activities is certainly doing spots, which we, as economical investors, now believe that improving the health level of the society will bring happiness and can cause the necessary motivations to best develop the country; therefore through investing on development of sport complexes and supporting regional and national sport teams, we have tried to flourish the potentials among the youth population of our country and bring this huge population happiness and joy.

The following are among the main objectives of Sina Group in this field:

  • Training physical forces and reinforcement of healthy spirit among the people
  • Development and generalization of sport and synchronizing sport activities with healthy hobbies
  • Establishment of Sport Centers and development and promotion of athletics
  • Optimized use of youth skills and talents

Establishment, equipment and management of stadiums and other sport