Considering the technology advances in construction area, the investors and top managers in Sina Group decided to create efficient infrastructures, while enjoying creativity and efficiency of prominent managers, relying on the strength of their current engineering forces, to present a dynamic and agile company both in national and international levels.

This section is one of the strongest arms of Sina Group which has managed to hold a great position during its short years of activities by relying on its technical, engineering and financial capacities. Achievement of these goals, including improvement of quality & technicality for production of goods and implementation of projects, would never be achieved without the non-stop efforts of the employees, experts and accurate leadership of its resources by the managers.

Improvement in quality of construction and performing technical, documented and accurate monitoring are among the main concerns of Sina Group. In order to improve the technical knowledge and benefit from the experiences of developed countries, Sina Group has signed mutual contracts with foreign teams of consultancy engineers through which these teams, in addition to supervision over standard construction of buildings and provision of necessary instructions and check lists, provide practical training during constructions to the technical forces of Sina Group, so that, in addition to the improvement of construction quality, systematic quality and control could be institutionalized in Sina Group, as well as gaining technical knowledge.

The fields of activity of Sina Group Large Family in this section has been consisted of implementation of national projects in civil areas, ground transportation, rail-based transportation, airport, marine structures and industrial & non-industrial buildings with most reasonable prices, highest quality and at the shortest time, as well as resulting in customer satisfaction which will remain the same.

Our Mission in this Section:

  • Active in construction industry and using investment opportunities in mentioned industry
  • Establishment of economical added value through partnership in construction along with Risk Management
  • Provision of services to construction companies on a contractor basis or partnership
  • Investment and partnership with qualified organizations to reduce risk, finance the project and technology and experience exchange
  • Use of necessary materials in accordance with local and international standards
  • Keeping the original investment and increasing it
  • Information transparency in all levels of the company
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Sticking to the company‚Äôs value
  • Increase in human force performance and improving their skills